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Brake Repair

Trusted Brake Repairs in London, Ontario

Whether your passengers are family members, employees, or colleagues, you want to have fully functioning brakes to keep both them and yourself safe. Good brakes are essential for any motor vehicle, and giving them proper maintenance will also protect other motorists on the road.

Brake problems can be related to rust, corrosion, or hydraulic fluid issues. Don’t ignore signs and symptoms of a brake problem, such as strange noises, warning lights, or a different and odd sensation when braking. Like everything else, brake components don’t last forever, so parts may need to be repaired or replaced.

At London Custom Truck & Car Repair, we can investigate your vehicle and find what the problem is, then do the necessary repairs to get your brakes road-ready for London. We have worked with vehicles large and small, from heavy-duty trucks to cars and vans, and have served clients from many different types of industries. You can put your trust in our 35 years of accumulated skill and experience to fix your London vehicle’s brakes right. Visit us today!

Need Brake Repairs?

We’ve accumulated both valuable experience and a great reputation in the 35 years we’ve been in business.

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