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Engine Repair

Quality Workmanship on Engine Repairs in London, Ontario

Getting into a vehicle in the morning and being unable to start the engine is a frustrating and stressful experience for anyone, whether you are late for work or excited for a weekend getaway. At London Custom Truck & Car Repair, we can diagnose what the problem is and fix it. Our priority is to get your car or truck (and life!) back on the road with a working engine in London.

Common reasons for a malfunctioning engine are problems with the fuel, compression, or spark plug. For example, there may be contaminants in your fuel, a hole in the cylinder, or damaged wires. Other causes for a dysfunctional engine can be as simple as a dead battery or a lack of oil.

You can develop simple maintenance habits to keep your engine running smoothly, such as doing regularly oil checks to ensure your engine receives adequate lubrication. However, if you suspect a larger problem, or if you simply don’t want to risk harming your vehicle (or yourself!), it’s smart to take your vehicle to an expert.

London Custom Truck & Car Repair, we can service your London vehicle’s engine and get it up and running again. Call or visit us now.

Need Engine Repairs?

You can expect friendly customer service and skilled workmanship when you choose us.

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